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TotalRSZ is a packer plugin of TotalCommander (TC). The main function is to resize and/or crop multiple images in a batch mode. The main features include multiple resizing algorithms, multilingual user interface, and multi-threading for a better performance etc. It works with multiple files and directories in one session.


About Total Resizer (TotalRSZ)

Total Resizer (TotalRSZ) is a packer/unpacker plugin for TotalCommander (TC). It’s function is to resize or crop image files in batch mode.


TotalRSZ can be installed automatically if you open the downloaded archive file of TotalRSZ. It can also be installed manually by following this procedure: Unzip TotalRSZ.zip, put the files in the folder where TC sits or anywhere you like. Run TC, from the menu: Configuration–>Options…–>Packer click “Configure packer extension WCXs”, then enter “rsz” without quotes in the field of “All files with extension (ending with)”. Then click “New type” button, select “TotalRSZ.wcx”. Click “OK”. That’s all of it.


In TC, select one or more image files, then press “Alt+F5”. From the opened dialog, choose rsz as the external packer. Click OK, and in the opened TotalRSZ dialog, set the appropriate parameters, then click OK. TotalRSZ will resize the image files using the parameters. The destination path is the one displayed in another pane of TC.

TotalRSZ can also operate on folders. If you select the folders, TotalRSZ will try to resize image files in the directory and all the sub-directories.


1. About the target file name. $(FileNameNoExt) is automatically filled in the text field, which stands for the source file’s name. You can add any prefix or suffix to it, for example, AAA$(FileNameNoExt)BBB. But $(FileNameNoExt) must be a part of the name.

2. About the target image format. There are two options. The first one is the same as the source file. For example, if the source file is a jpeg, then the target is also a jpeg file. The second option is to choose a specific format for all the target files. If you select multiple files to resize, then using the second option, the target files will be in the same format.

3. About the target image size. There are two options as well. The first one is to set a specific size. The second is to set a value of percentage. No mater which option is used, the aspect ratio of the image is unchanged. For example, set the target image of size 500×400, the aspect ratio is 5/4. Using the first option, if the source image’s aspect ratio is also 5/4, then the source image will be scaled to the desired size. If the specified aspect ratio is not the same as the
source, then the actual target image’s size is determined in such a way that using one of the specified sides and the source aspect ratio, the calculated the other side is not greater than the specified value. For example, using the same values for the target image as the previous example, if the source aspect ratio is 1:1, then the target image size will be 400×400; if the source aspect ratio is 5:3, then the actual target image size will be 500×300; if the source aspect ratio is 3:4, then the actual target image size will be 300×400.


Copyright (C) 2004-2012 W. Dong, taohe@hotmail.com
License to copy, use, and redistribute this software for any purpose is granted provided that this notice may not be removed from this document.

This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.


TotalRSZ is based on GraphicsMagick.
GraphicsMagick is copyright GraphicsMagick Group.
For the license of GraphicsMagick, please read Copyright.txt included in the archive



The following screen shot shows the main dialog of the latest version of TotalRSZ. If the number of threads is set to zero, multi-threading is disabled. TotalRSZ supports multilingual user interface. The display language can be set on the settings dialog. The settings are saved in an XML file which can be found in the same directory as the plugin.

In addition, the recent versions of TotalRSZ have been upgraded to API v2.1 of TC packer plugins. If used in TC v7.5 or later, TotalRSZ can be run in a background thread.

TotalRSZ v2.3 also includes DLLs which can be used as Windows Shell Extension in Windows x86 and x64 respectively, which means that the main function can be used without TC.


Available on the Download page.

Change log

v2.6 build 350, 08 November 2015

  • Fixed: Saving the parameter of setting image quality so that it’s preserved cross sessions.
  • Added: A new option to preserve the original image meta data including Exif.

v2.5 build 310, 19 April 2013

  • Added: An option to resize and replace the original file.

v2.4 build 300, 10 April 2013

  • Added: An option to preserve the original file’s timestamp.
  • Added: An option to output to the same directory as the input.

v2.3 build 280, 23 June 2012

  • Fixed: Saving and loading parameters XOff and YOff.
  • Fixed: Multi-threading issue when used with the Shell Extension.
  • Added: German language file (Thanks to Kurt Lettmaier)
  • Added: 64- and 32-bit TotalRSZ_Shell (requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
    Redistributable Package).
  • Misc: Upgraded to use GraphicsMagick 1.3.15.

v2.2 build 260, 3 June 2012

  • Added: A new option to allow users to set the default output directory via the configuration. If it’s set to a valid directory, the output path passed by TC will be ignored, which is usually the path of the active tab in another panel of TC.
  • Added: A Windows Explorer Shell Extension to access functions of TotalRSZ. To use it, manually install the included TotalRSZ_Shell.dll by running the following command (Requires Administrator permission):
    regsvr32 TotalRSZ_Shell.dll
    NB: The included shell extension DLL is for x64 only. There is a known issue if multi-threading is enabled on the main dialog of Totalrsz. Set the number of threads to zero if you want to test the shell extension.

v2.1 build 248, 21 March 2012

  • Fixed: The previous win32 build was broken for some reason as the result the win32 version doesn’t work.
  • Recompiled GraphicsMagick by setting QuantumDepth to 16 which would run a little bit slower but give higher quality. And re-linked TotalrSZ.

v2.1 build 245, 6 March 2012

  • Added: A section of references in the document for comparisons on resizing with ImageMagick vs other programs including Photoshop.
  • Changed: The default resizing filter to lanczos for the first time use of Totalrsz (which was scale previously).
  • Re-link with the latest GraphicsMagick 1.3.14 which was rleased on 25 February 2012 with some bug fixes.

v2.1 build 240, 4 March 2012

  • Added: A configure dialog to set the language for the user interface. Currently supported languages include Chinese simplified, Chinese Traditional,English.

v2 build 225, 29 February 2012

  • Fixed: Resizing to the maximum file size and the preferred width or height wouldn’t work if number of threads is zero.
  • Added: Save and load settings from a configuration file. So the resizing options can be saved and restored in following sessions.

v2 build 185, 26 February 2012

  • Fixed: A bug with YOff for “crop” option. It would fail to get correct users’ input of YOff for crop option.

v2 build 180, 24 September 2011

  • Fixed: A bug with resizing if only width is given.
  • Added: A new option to resize images to the desired longer side and/or shorter side. For images with landscape orientation, the longer side is the width and the shorter side the height. For images with portrait orientation, the longer side is the height and the shorter the width.

v1.5 build 165, 18 September 2011

  • Added: Support of x86-64 to be used with TotalCommander 8.

v1.5 build 160, 5 June 2011

  • Added: Resize to the preferrred width or height if only the width or height is given.
  • Fixed: Disable reporting errors when working with directories where there non-image files like Thumbs.db, to make it more suitable for batch processing.

v1.5 build 150, 8 May 2011

  • Added: Limit the output file size to be equal to or smaller than the given value. Tested with various image types including animated gif files.
  • Added: An option to set quality for compression of images of jpeg/miff/png types.
  • Added: Further optimization of the performance.

v1.5 build 110, 4 May 2011

  • Fixed: A probelem with cropping image files. There would be an error about coalesceImages in v1.5 build 102 and 108.

v1.5 build 108, 3 May 2011

  • Fixed: A probelem with synchronization of worker threads. There would be a crash when closing some handles in the previous version.

v1.5 build 102, 2 May 2011

  • Added: Multi-threading implementation to resize/crop files in parallel.
  • Added: Support of the latest APIs of packer plugin v2.1. When used in TotalCommander v7.5 and later, it can be put in background.
  • Added: Support of GraphicsImagick v1.3.12.

v1.2 build 52, 29 May 2005

  • Added: A new item “crop” to the algorithm combobox. If this item is selected, you have to give values of XOff and YOff which are x- and y- offsets of the cropped area with respect to the original top-left.

v1.1 build 33, 26 January 2005

  • Fixed: A problem with animated gif. Now TotalRSZ can properly handle animated gif files whose frames’ offsets are variable.
  • Added: Version property to TotalRSZ.wcx.
  • Added: A simple support for Chinese (Simplified). If there is file called Totalrsz_chs.dll in the same directory as TotalRSZ.wcx, it will use Chinese (Simplified). Otherwise, it uses English.


  • Fixed: A problem with default target image type.
  • Added: Support for batch resizing of animated GIF files.
  • Added: Options for various resizing algorithms.


  • First release.